11 million views and counting — My CNN Great Big Story

From kyle

I can’t thank you enough for the messages I’ve received over the past 48 hours. I woke up yesterday to find an inbox full of heartfelt messages from 6 continents.

Who knows, maybe there’s one from Antartica in there too. I haven’t come close to checking them all yet, but I promise I will.

I suppose the same advice I tell myself for climbing a mountain applies just as well in dealing with a massively overstuffed inbox.

It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.  

This Great Big Story summed up my climbing experience as well as I could hope any media piece would. My reasons for climbing really aren’t too dissimilar from yours, if you are into that sort of thing. It’s just the way I do it that might be a little different.

And no matter what your current climb is — in your business, relationships, health, finances, jiu-jitsu, etc. — the journey to the top is ALWAYS going to have moments where it sucks, where it stalls, where we wish we were somewhere else… anywhere else.

Yet, I believe it’s precisely because of those moments being what they are that will make everything else worth the struggle. So hang in there. Keep on moving. Focus on the next step in front of you. Then when that’s done, the next step after that. Eventually, you will look back and hardly believe how far you’ve been able to come.

I hope you enjoy my 4-minute Great Big Story if you haven’t seen it yet, and if you have thank you again for all the love.


Kyle Maynard is the first quadruple-amputee to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Aconcagua without the aid of prosthetics. He’s incredible. This is his story.

Posted by Great Big Story on Wednesday, January 11, 2017